Saturday, February 26, 2011


I am sat here with Hannah stuffing our faces with Butterkist Toffee Popcorn which is amazingly tasty and addicting but SOOO fattening! Oh well I'll be back to my healthy routine soon I suppose! :)

Shannon xxx

Sunday, February 13, 2011

good weekend!

I had good weekend this week as we had friends over for dinner! One of my very good friends and her family came over and we had this amazzzzing lamb dish which was so gooood! We had a chocolate fudge cake for dessert which was really delicious too! :) It was a late night and today I have been having a rather lazy day today which was good :) 

Me and Hannah last night :)

Blogg soon :) Shannon xxxx

Friday, February 4, 2011

im such a terrible blogger!!!

sorry sorry sorry i haven't blogged in a long time i have been quite busy and completely forgot but am trying to blog more!
been watching ANTM and i have watched up to the last 4 and i was pleased with three of them although one of them annoys me slightly as she thinks she is the bees knees and acts a but bigheaded sometimes but anyway here they are :)
Kayla :)

Chelsey :)

Jane :)

Ann :)
I would quite like to see Kayla or Ann win it!
I'll keep you posted about it :)
moving on i have had a good few weeks and my auntie and cousins came back to Jersey for good on thursday and we may be seeing them this weekend but I'm looking forward to seeing them!
its my dad's birthday next thursday and NEEED to get him a present and a carddddd!
we also found out what our house song was and its Lean on Me (but the glee version haha) although its glee its not too bad and I'm looking forward to it :) better then the ones we have sung in the past!!!!
anyway off to revise for my french test which is on monday :/

shannon XXX