Friday, January 21, 2011

such a good day!

Well...i have had rather a productive day today and still it carries on!
first of all school was better than normal and got further on my painting in art, then got home from town earlier than usual and did all my homework, cleared a load of stuff out and did all the jobs i could!
and I'm looking forward to my weekend too as I'm going into town tomorrow and my friend (hannah) invited me to hers to sleep so i will be sleeping at hers tomorrow night and then on sunday i am going round to neighbors for the afternoon so i have a busy but fun filled weekend ahead of me! :)
hope everyone has a good weekend!
shannon :) xx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

love for photography!

I have suddenly taken a love to photography, just seeing certain objects or scenery and thinking you could get a really nice or pretty picture out of that! i would love to be able to take really good photos but at the moment have quite grasped the skill yet. I found some photos that are like ones i would like to take :)

im not very good at blogging so i'll try to blog more often :)
shannon X

Sunday, January 16, 2011

happy birthday!

Happy birthday to me!
as you can see its my birthday today and i have had a very good day :) i went out for lunch and to the cinema with my family and got some really nice things, here are a few of them!! i got some clothes and dvd's and perfume and gift sets and makeup :) 

Herve Leger Perfume :)

Mac Mascara :)

Mac Cheek Bronzer :)

Plink Mac Lipstick :)
happy happy happy shannon ! xxx

Friday, January 14, 2011

14 here we come!

Sorry i haven't blogged in ages i have been so busy going back to school and with homework etc but its my birthday in 2 days and im sort of excited but not very much! 
im hoping to get things that i didn't get for christmas and im going out for lunch and then to the cinema with my mum, dad and brother so that should be nice :)
its going to be a little sad though as its going to be my first birthday without my little dog who we lost last year :( but im going to have a fun day so it should be good otherwise!

the next time i blog i'll be 14 hehe haha!
shannon x

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


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routines routines routines!

back to school today and it wasn't too bad! it was nice to see friends that i hadn't seen over the holidays :)
however going back to school means work and i don't really enjoy that haha, and first lesson back...guess what we get homework! our teacher clearly doesn't like us...
need to finish my english story  :)
blog soon!
shannon xxx

Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year and back to school soon.

hope everyone had fun on new years eve whatever they did!
my family and i went out to a friends and another family came and we played games and sang on the singstar and it was quite a late night and then yesterday we went to another party somewhere else so we have been really busy!
only 3 more days before we have to go back to school! 
the holidays have gone so fast and even though some of it wasn't good been to lots of parties and had a really great time!
we have 7 whole weeks before we have February half term so a little while but hopefully it will fly by :)
anddddd also its my birthday 2 weeks today so im rather excited! 
here are a few things i have asked for :)

Benefit Make-up :)

Mac Make-up :)

Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume :)

happy new year everyone! :)