Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year and back to school soon.

hope everyone had fun on new years eve whatever they did!
my family and i went out to a friends and another family came and we played games and sang on the singstar and it was quite a late night and then yesterday we went to another party somewhere else so we have been really busy!
only 3 more days before we have to go back to school! 
the holidays have gone so fast and even though some of it wasn't good been to lots of parties and had a really great time!
we have 7 whole weeks before we have February half term so a little while but hopefully it will fly by :)
anddddd also its my birthday 2 weeks today so im rather excited! 
here are a few things i have asked for :)

Benefit Make-up :)

Mac Make-up :)

Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume :)

happy new year everyone! :)

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