Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Miss Selfridge and Benefit Haul!

Hello :)!
Popped into town this morning with my mum and bought some things from Benefit and Miss Selfridge!

I have wanted the Benefit things for a while now so I was rather happy after buying them today! My Mum bought Peppy Princess by Vera Wang for herself today which I was quite jealous of but oh well! 

1. Tickling Stripe Shorts - Miss Selfridge £26.00
2. Cream Pleat Crop Tee - Miss Selfridge £28.00
3. That Gal Make-Up primer - Benefit £18.50
4. Dandelion Face Powder - Benefit £21.50

Total - £94.00

I also got given some free tester samples from the benefit cleansing range so I'll let you know what they are like soon too!

Have you bought any nice clothes or any nice make-up recently?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Barry M Giveaway!

As a little thank you to all of my followers, and as a welcome to my new followers, I'm going to be holding a little Barry M giveaway!

The winner will receive 2 Barry M nail varnishes in the colours of their choice and 1 Barry M lipgloss!

You can choose the nail varnishes here, and the lipgloss here.

As I can only purchase these at the local Boots, I may not be able to get your first choices for both colours, so let me know your favourite 4 nail colours (in order of preference) and at least 2 lipgloss colours!

The rules:

You must be a public follower via GFC (+1)
You must leave a comment with a valid email address incase you win, and let me know how many extra points you have for doing extra things!
You must have a genuine blog - not just one for giveaways!
This is only open to my UK readers, sorry!

Extra entries:

Follow me on twitter here (+1)

Tweet the following... '@ShannonMakin is having a Barry M Giveaway here (http://cherryblossom-shannon.blogspot.com/2011/05/barry-m-giveaway.html) enter now! x' (+2)

Put the above picture in your sidebar with a working link (+1)

Do a whole blog post about my giveaway using the above picture. Include a link too please! (+2)

All together you could get 7 entries, and remember, the more entries, the bigger the chance of winning!

Good luck to everyone!
Closing date: 21st June at 8pm!


Stripey, hit or a miss?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dress Wishlist

Hello! Over the past week I have been internet shopping and managed to find loads of things that I liked, but because my complete wish list is quite long I just picked out a few of my favorite dresses off of it!

Here they are :)

1. Lula Ruffle One Shouldered Dress - Missguided £26.99
2. Terracotta Big Sleeve Dress (which I would put a belt around) - Miss Selfridge £45.00
3. Waisted Dress with Rose Trim - ASOS £40.00
4. Tina Ruffle Detail Dress - Boohoo £20.00

Total - £131.99

Better get saving! Are there are any dresses in particular you want?

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Love Shannon xxx

Friday, May 20, 2011

Any suggestions??

Hello! Just a quick post tonight! 
Im in need of a makeup primer for my face and eyes, there are a few primers that I can think of that would be nice to have but I just wanted to know if any of you knew of any that were really good!

Have you got a primer that's really good? Or have you seen one that you recommend and think will be good???

Please leave a comment with suggestions pleaseee!

Thankyouuu :)

Love Shannon xxx

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Favourite Make-up Products!

Hello! I've seen similar posts about people saying what their favorite makeup products are from different makeup brands such as benefit and MAC so I thought I would do my favorite makeup products form different brands!

I love lots of makeup and have lots of makeup too as I'm constantly buying it even when I don't need it, I just can't help it! I don't own all these makeup products but I've tested them or tried them and they are all really good in my opinion!

Here are my favorite makeup products!

1. Dandelion Powder - Benefit £21.50
2. Erase Paste - Benefit £19.50
3. That Gal Primer - Benefit £18.50
4. Extralasting Black Eyeliner - Avon £6.00
5. Soap and Glory Face Powder - Boots £12.50

Total - £78.00

What are you favorite makeup brands? Are they all from the same brand or different ones like me? :)

Also found a lovely Marc Jacobs giveaway which you can enter at here. Good luck!

Love Shannon xxx

Two lovely giveaways I found!

Hello, just doing a little giveaway post!

A friend sent me the link to these two wonderful giveaways! One is a sigma brush and the other is a mixture of makeup and beauty products so they are both great!

Im blogging about both so instead of doing two posts I thought it would be better to do it one just the one post!

This is the first one which you can enter here.

Makeup and beauty products!

And the second one which you can enter here.

Sigma F80 Brush!

I advise that you enter them, and if you do good luck! 

Love Shannon xxx

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great weekend!

Hello! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I said I would blog more often after re-vamping my blog so I need to stick to what im saying! Anyway I've had a really great weekend as it was a friends birthday party and about 5 of us went round to her house and played on the wii and singstar etc and it was really great fun!

I also recently got a new bikini from next which is sweet! Sometimes next do some really pretty pieces of clothing and other times there clothes just aren't nice at all!

Here is the bikini and a few pictures from the funny and great weekend I had!

Navy Ditsy Bikini
Bikini Top £12
Skirtini £12

The birthday girl (Hannah P), Me, Hannah J and Phoebe!

Me and Phoebe :)

Hannah P, Me, Phoebe, Kenya and Hannah J

Queen chair lift!
Phoebe, Kenya, Hannah J, Me and Hannah P

Did you do anything nice this weekend?

Back to school tomorrow after the shortest weekend we have had in about 4 weeks! Going to be a long week!

Love Shannon xxx

Monday, May 9, 2011

Up and out of the way!

Recently I have come to love seeing people with their hair tied up in a pony tail, whether its simply taking back with little bit of hair hanging down, having your hair rapped around the hairband its self or even have your pony tail curled or designed in some complicated way! I also love the look of people putting their hair up in a pony tail but bringing it down over one shoulder. 

A lot of celebrities wear their hair up with complicated pony tail designs and little bits pushed up or plaited! I think it looks really nice plus its up and out of the way so it won't annoy you!

I have never mastered how to wrap hair around my hairband, although I would quite like to be able to do it as I think it looks really perfect when people have it done :)

A model with a simple pony tail and quiffed up hair 

Jessica Simpson with a wavy pony tail, hair wrapped around the hair band, two pieces of hair taken back and  fastened with a grip and then her hair fringe left to hang

Another model with all hair taken back into a sleek straight pony tail with the hair wrapped round the hair band

Nicole Richie with her hair in a pony tail, hair wrapped round the head band and then brought over her left shoulder

What do you think of this style? Are there any styles in particular you like?

Love Shannon xxx

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wishlist #1

1. Lula Ruffle One Shouldered Floral Dress - Missguided £26.99
2. Suzanna Ruffle Style Sheer Dress In Powder Pink - Missguided £18.99
3. Eleanor Floral & Lace Tie Front Top - Missguideed £17.99
4. Black Floral Bow Short - Miss Selfridge £28.00
5. Dandelion Face Powder - Benefit £21.50 
6. That Gal - Benefit £21.50
7. Erase Paste - Benefit £19.50
8. Lovelorn Lipstick - MAC £11.50
9. Satin Myth Lipstick - MAC £11.50
10. Hailey Strappy Super High Wedge In Mocha - Missguided £29.99

Total - £207.46

What's on your wishlist? :)

Love Shannon XXX

Topshop Haul

Whilst in town today with my lovely friend Hannah, I picked up some nice things in Topshop.

1. Floral Denim Hot Pants - £34.00
2. MOTO White Denim Hotpant - £26.00
3. Salmon Basic Scoop Vest - £6.00

Have you bought anything nice from Topshop lately? 

Love Shannon xxxx

Friday, May 6, 2011

Terrible blogger but wonderful giveaway!

Hello! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while I've been really busy and getting back into a school routine! Anyway got back to blogger today and found a wonderful giveaway here is the link:

Hannah is giving away a Sigma Make-up brush which I'm pretty excited about as I'm wanting Sigma Make-up brushes a lot! So check it out! :)

This is the brush :)

Shannon xxx