Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Haul

Hello :) 

Hope you have had an enjoyable saturday and had fun with whatever you did! My Mum asked me this morning if I would like to go into town with her as she wanted to get some things so as I wasn't doing anything else I thought why not?

We went in at lunchtime and it was great fun and we bought lots of things, I didn't need anything in particular but its nice to go shopping every once in a while! My Mum was nice enough to get me a few things which I was really pleased with :) 

We went to New Look, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Voisins, De Gruchy's and finally Dorothy Perkins!

Here are some of the things I got in town!

Navy and Cream Stripe Top - Dorothy Perkins - £9.00

Cropped Denim Jacket - New Look - £21.99

Black Flowery Dress - Apricot (New Look) - £23.00

Flowery Gladiator Sandals - Miss Selfridge - £26.00

Black Frill Top - Dorothy Perkins - £9.00

Have any of you brought anything nice recently??

Love Shannon :) xxx


  1. haha thankyou! yeah they are definitely one of the favorites!

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  3. i love the denim waistcoat, it's such a wearable piece and perfect for the summer x

  4. alice i will follow you now :) thankyou guys and jasmin yeah it pretty much goes with everything! xx