Thursday, April 28, 2011

Treat your feet

Hello! Went to school today for the first time in about 3 weeks which was a bit of a pain but its like a day and then a 4 day weekend which is pretty good I think! We had a whole school picnic on the school terrace which was then followed by a debate about the Royal Wedding and about whether or not it should be a national celebration! They were both better then I expected them to be!

After that I popped into town with my mum for a bit and got a foot pedicure from fish! Haha i know it sounds crazy but recently this little area in a shop in town called REEFEET has opened. They are these little fish called Garra Rufa Fish that originated from Turkey! People had been going to Turkey to get this pedicure done for years so people decided to get the fish imported and open little spas in the United Kingdom and then of course Jersey!

But basically it was amazing and my feet feel so soft now and that was only after 15 minutes, so next time I go I will definitely stay in for a little longer! Its amazing how little fish can do that! Its £15 for 15 minutes or £25 for half an hour so I would definitely recommend it! Even if you think it looks horrible, its not and it doesn't hurt at all! If anything it tickles!

Here is a picture of what the fish look like!

Garra Rufa Fish :)

If you want it done and your not too sure where your nearest spa is you can always go online and find out and even book online if you want, but if you just go into the spa without booking it makes no difference!

Here is a link :)

Have a look and see what you think! Its well worth the money!

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend! 

Shannon :) xxx


  1. I have been wanting to try this, but the idea of sticking my feet into a bowl of fish kinda grosses me out :(

  2. yeah i thought the same when I heard about it but trust me its great! you could see if you could trial it for a couple of minutes or something to see what its like cos then you could definitely say whether or not you wanted it done! :)

  3. what was it like shannon ? XX