Monday, May 9, 2011

Up and out of the way!

Recently I have come to love seeing people with their hair tied up in a pony tail, whether its simply taking back with little bit of hair hanging down, having your hair rapped around the hairband its self or even have your pony tail curled or designed in some complicated way! I also love the look of people putting their hair up in a pony tail but bringing it down over one shoulder. 

A lot of celebrities wear their hair up with complicated pony tail designs and little bits pushed up or plaited! I think it looks really nice plus its up and out of the way so it won't annoy you!

I have never mastered how to wrap hair around my hairband, although I would quite like to be able to do it as I think it looks really perfect when people have it done :)

A model with a simple pony tail and quiffed up hair 

Jessica Simpson with a wavy pony tail, hair wrapped around the hair band, two pieces of hair taken back and  fastened with a grip and then her hair fringe left to hang

Another model with all hair taken back into a sleek straight pony tail with the hair wrapped round the hair band

Nicole Richie with her hair in a pony tail, hair wrapped round the head band and then brought over her left shoulder

What do you think of this style? Are there any styles in particular you like?

Love Shannon xxx

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