Saturday, May 7, 2011

Topshop Haul

Whilst in town today with my lovely friend Hannah, I picked up some nice things in Topshop.

1. Floral Denim Hot Pants - £34.00
2. MOTO White Denim Hotpant - £26.00
3. Salmon Basic Scoop Vest - £6.00

Have you bought anything nice from Topshop lately? 

Love Shannon xxxx


  1. aww you're so cute shannon!! XXX

  2. I love those floral shorts! :O
    And that top is surprisingly cheap considering it's Topshop...

    Nice blog and title - did you take the photo? And if not, where did you get it from? I know this is a wierd question, it's just I want to make myself a title but not really sure where to :(
    Thanks xo

  3. thankyou and haha yeah i know what you mean!
    thankyou and no I didn't take the photo, I didn't like the look of my old design so my friend said she would help me change it and she did most of it but I said what like font I liked etc, and I just got it off the internet as an image :) xx