Thursday, May 19, 2011

Favourite Make-up Products!

Hello! I've seen similar posts about people saying what their favorite makeup products are from different makeup brands such as benefit and MAC so I thought I would do my favorite makeup products form different brands!

I love lots of makeup and have lots of makeup too as I'm constantly buying it even when I don't need it, I just can't help it! I don't own all these makeup products but I've tested them or tried them and they are all really good in my opinion!

Here are my favorite makeup products!

1. Dandelion Powder - Benefit £21.50
2. Erase Paste - Benefit £19.50
3. That Gal Primer - Benefit £18.50
4. Extralasting Black Eyeliner - Avon £6.00
5. Soap and Glory Face Powder - Boots £12.50

Total - £78.00

What are you favorite makeup brands? Are they all from the same brand or different ones like me? :)

Also found a lovely Marc Jacobs giveaway which you can enter at here. Good luck!

Love Shannon xxx


  1. I love MAC, although it's really expensive where I live.

    I want to try Benefit and NARS, but they are really really expensive in Australia.

    I have a giveaway on my blog. I would love it if you could please check it out. Link to giveaway here!


  2. yeah i know MAC is expensive over here too but its so good and i love it! and okay thankyou i'll have a look now! :)