Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Collection 2000 Eyeliner Review!

Hello everyone :)

Going to review the Collection 2000 eyeliners I got sent to me today! I tested them on my hand as I don't usually wear eyeliners and especially not to school!

This photo was taken at 8:00 AM just after I had tested them on my hand :)

This photo was taken at 4:15 PM just after school (8 hours, 15 minutes later)

As you can see the eyeliners have faded a lot but not completely which goes to show that although they are quite faint they are still visible therefore last for a long period of time. 
The eyeliners don't come out as a thick bold color, the pencil allows you to create whatever shade of color you want with them. A couple of them have a slight shimmer to them but not all therefore if you wanted a plain block color as an eyeliner some of these would be perfect. I don't wear pencil eyeliners because my eyes water when I wear them, instead I wear liquid eyeliners. I wouldn't wear these because they are pencils however if the black one came in a liquid eyeliner I would definitely purchase it as its very good and has lasted well considering!

1. Black Magic (Plain Black)
2. French Kiss (Lime Green)
3. Peacock Feather (Turquoise)
4. Love Bird (Grey)
5. Blue Belle (Electric Blue)
6. Birdy Song (Brown)

Have you tried any of these before? Are there any pencil eyeliners or liquid eyeliners that you have used and would recommend? 


  1. wow these are amazing, i LOVE French Kiss, suprisingly. do you think it will suit green/blue eyes? can you do like an eye-matching-to-colours post thing and out of curiosity if your not gona use them because of liquid liner "(Collection 2K also has great liquid liners) you should hold a giveaway!

  2. I wish there was an eyeliner that lasted all day :)

  3. haha yeah they are all pretty cool although I'm not a huge fan of Birdy Song. I'll try do a post about that yeah it sounds good, I'm not sure how I would do it but if you could give me some advice and tips that would be really helpful please :)
    And yeah after this giveaway in a little while I'll do another giveaway and I'll take that into thought!
    Thankyou! xx