Monday, June 6, 2011

June Wants!

Hello! Sorry for not blogging yesterday, I did the Race for Life and when I got home I was really tired so completely forgot about blogger! Anyway, recently I have been internet shopping on lots of different sites and found a few favorites that I would quite like to purchase!

1. Black Floral Bow Short - Miss Selfridge £28.00
2. Jimmy Choo Perfume - Boots (50ml) £49.00
3. Daisy Earrings - Elsie Belle £6.95
4. SJP Perfume - Boots (100ml) £30.00
5. Olga layered effect flowing vest in cream - Missguided £19.19
6. Thrrrob Face Powder - Benefit £21.50
7. Pink Grapefruit Lip gloss - Benefit £14.00

Total - £168.64

Anything in particular that you have your eye on?

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  1. Congratulations on Race for Life! Well done :)

    Gorgeous wish list love the floral shorts + the vest I'm obsessed with sheer shirt + flowy silky tank tops at the moment :)

    Lovely blog - following you now


  2. thankyou, it was really tiring! and haha yeah shame I can't afford it all now because I would definitely have it if I could!

    okay thankyou I'll check your blog out now :) xx