Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mini Soap and Glory Haul

Popped into town briefly today with my friend Hannah and went into Boots to find that Soap and Glory were doing a 3 for 2 offer on all products (except mini's). I thought this was a perfect opportunity to get some sprays I had been wanting for a while along with my usual "Clean on Me" body wash I get regularly!

Here they are :)

Mist you Madly Body Spray £6.13 (250 ml)

Glam A - Lot Body Spray £6.38 (250 ml)

Clean on Me Shower Gel £5.11 (500 ml)

I have used Clean on Me for a while now and I think its brilliant and priced reasonably well! It smells great and  I think its good for your skin too, I have to be careful as I have sensitive skin but this has been brilliant! I have a small version of "Mist you Madly" and I really like it so thought getting a big one would be a good idea and my friend Hannah that I went into town with has "Glam A - Lot" and has worn it quite a lot and I think it smells great and is brilliant to quickly spray before you go out if your in a rush! 

Do you like Soap and Glory products? Have you got any that you would recommend?
Have you bought any recently? 



  1. i haven't bought any soap & glory products in a while, but with the offer on I'll definatley be purchasing a few! :) XXX

  2. haha yeah take advantage of it! XXX

  3. I forgot about soap and glory!I brought soap and glory mousturiser in a spary bottle a while back and I have recently been using it, but i found that it became really sticky in the heat,but i really liked the smell so i was looking for a body spray and so i just brought a natural collection apple and lime one but it was too strong and whenever i sprayed it i felt like i was eating it! I have just read your post for the second time this week and i have just click that soap and glory do body sprays! Do they do any other fragrances, and do you know if they last long, and which one do you recommend? Love Milly XXX