Saturday, June 4, 2011

Collection 2000 Mascara Review

Hello girlies!

As I mentioned in a blog post a couple of days ago, Collection 2000 kindly sent me some items of make-up to review and seeing as I received quite a few I'm going to do each item a day at a time.
Today I'm going to review the Mascara.

Skyscraper Length Definition Mascara Black 1 Collection 2000 Mascara

Here is a picture of one of my eyes with the mascara applied.

Right eye :)

The mascara is slightly watery than other mascara's I have used in the past which is good if you have thick eyelashes however I don't. My eyelashes don't hold loads of mascara and because this isn't extremely thick reapplying lots doesn't always work because it starts to clump. This doesn't mean that its bad it means that because of my eyelashes it doesn't stand out amazingly. On the other hand though I think the brush is absolutely amazing, having long strands for your top eyelashes and then small strands for your bottom eyelashes is really really good which is why it makes the mascara better and easy to use. I would probably purchase this in the future as overall the mascara is quite good.

Have you ever tried this mascara? If so what's your view on it?

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